Identity Tree of Life is growing

In a previous blog, we introduced Identity Tree of Life. A web-based interactive tree showing phylogenetic relationships between species together with the level of individual identity information (individuality) reported in their vocalizations. It is based on the excellent OneZoom tree of life explorer. Thanks to the effort of many colleague researchers who contributed sounds from their studies, our tree is slowly growing! We used the tree during Researcher’s night and people were intrigued by the tree and loved to explore individual differences in animals.

OneZoom Identity Seedling

OneZoom Identity Growing

The current tree is still very small one. Many many animals are missing. There is only a few mammals although mammals were the most often studied group regarding individual variation in vocalizations. We also still lack fish, amphibian, and reptile examples!

We plan to continue in our efforts and send a second batch of contribution requests.

If you reported individual variation in vocalizations in a research article, and you would like to contribute sound examples, but you did not get any email request for sound examples, do not hesitate to contact us. Chances are we could not reach you for some reason…

Detail instruction on how to contribute to Identity Tree of Life can be found here.


We planted a tree… Identity Tree of Life

The “Evolution of identity signaling in vocalizations” project aims to investigate how identity information in calls varies between species and which biological and ecological factors do influence the level of identity information in calls. Of course, we plan to do a formal research analysis but, also, we would like to summarize what dozens of researchers were after in their studies of acoustic individuality in some attractive way for a public audience.

OneZoom Identity Seedling
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Is that a man or a woman speaking?

Last week I was preparing workshops for Researchers Night taking place at our university on upcomming Friday, 29th September.

Besides other things, I plan to show how and why voices of men and women differ and I want let people experiment with some apps that allow to change their voices from male to female and vice versa. Continue reading “Is that a man or a woman speaking?”