Setting-up the web…

P_20170505_185109 - nierozpoznani
“Nierozpoznani” (Unrecognized) by Magdalena Abakanowicz, Poznan, Cytadela city park. (Photo: Pavel Linhart)

Me and my family we moved to Poznan at the beginning of January 2017. “Unrecognized” – a sculpture at the Cytadela park in Poznan – could among others quite well characterize the new beginnings, opportunities, exploration of different directions… The figures without faces seem disturbing and anonymous, but they are not. Taking closer look they each bear characteristic scars and wrinkles on their bodies. Their path made them “Recognized” or “Recognizable”.

In upcomming year and half, this site will report progress of the project and I would like to write here about related topics as well.

Let see where the path will lead to!

Author: Pavel Linhart

Animal Behaviour / Acoustic communication researcher. Polonez Fellow at Adam Mickiewicz University

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