Get involved

Do you find the topic of individual variation in voices and individual recognition in animals (and humans) interesting? Get in touch! The project would benefit from including different points of view and multidisciplinary approach. How can you contribute?

  • Read, comment, and share your thoughts!
  • Researchers. Do you see an opportunity to collaborate? Let us know! Discussions, sharing data, etc;
  • Software engineers. We need software tools that software engineers can make. We would love to have a software allowing for automatic / supervised recognition of animal individuals for monitoring purposes. We would benefit from web applications allowing classification of individuals by layperson collaborators – crowd-sourcing.
  • Artists. Make and share with us an artwork to illustrate our research or related topics of individual recognition or acoustic communication.
  • Journalist, social media – We think that the project topic is interesting to wider audience but there is not always enough time to popularize the research. Also, we are trained in biology so any advice and help in this field is highly welcome!
  • We would like to involve laypersons supporters and fans of animal behaviour studies to participate as respondents in our research. We have some ideas for future… Follow us to be informed!